Pulse Nutrition Clinic


P U L S E  N U T R I T I O N  C L I N I C  in the Fraser Valley


Visit our nutrition clinic for your family nutrition needs. 
Meet our Bastyr University-trained nutritionist.
We are number one in the Fraser Valley, taking referrals from over 400 professionals.



  • We teach you how to eat in a way you can continue for the rest of your life
  • You can alleviate your symptoms and gain energy and resilience without going on a diet
  • Your nutritionist understands your specific nutritional needs
  • Customized nutrition programs for all ages
  • Disease management
  • Clinic or home appointments available
  • After hours and weekend times for your busy work schedule
  • Supplements you can trust

Services Available:
Clinical office visits
Nutrition home visits
Coffee shop consults
Nutrition food plans
Nutrition analysis & assessment
Weight loss and fitness
Eating disorder nutrition
Maternal & infant nutrition
Hormonal nutrition and testing
Health & lifestyle counselling
Orthomolecular nutrition
Nutritional supplements
Nutrition seminars and education

Learn how to bake your own goodies using Omega-9 oils such as coconut oil.


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